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From the Imaginarium of a Mad Creative

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About Leslie’s Post Imaginarium

Before speaking of “Leslie’s Post – The Imaginium of a Mad Creative”, let us go back to the beginning, the “big bang”, the singularity, the spark of creativity, that evolved into the Emporium known as D’Vyne Wrytes.

In the beginning there was an emptiness, a longing, which sparked into a burning desire to acquire a fine leather journal. The year was 1990 and after several years of journaling in simple manufactured blank books and composition notebooks Sir Leslie was determined to acquire for herself a Fine Leather Journal worthy to hold her innermost precious thoughts, dreams and desires.

And so began her quest to discover this artifact. But Sir Leslie soon realized that this “illusive beast” did not exist in her immediate territory. Disapointed but not defeated a creative spark blossomed within her heart and she vowed to learn all she could on the magickal means of creating a fine leather blank book. Seeking out experts (bookbinding tutorials) at the local library she acquired the knowledge she sought and after 8 studious months felt confident to plunge into the Old World methodology of the long lost Art of Bookbinding.

D’Vyne Wrytes Old World Fine Leather Books was born. Originally her idea was to create only for herself but friends and family enamored by their uniqueness began requesting their own and prompted Sir Leslie to market her progeny at local craft shows and faires. Sir Leslie’s first show was a small set up at a local pagan festival in the mountians of CO.

D'Vyne Wrytes First Show

D’Vyne Wrytes first show in the mountains of CO.


The reaction was so positive that when an acquintance suggested she get involved in the local Renaissance Festival to reach a wider audience especially one that would be more responsive to the Art and Craft of Old World Bookbinding she moved quickly forward with focus, determination, discipline and single minded purpose to achieve this intent. Sir Leslie’s first year marketing her creations on a semi-largeĀ  scale was in 1992 at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

CO Renaissance Festival - The Early Years

CO Renaissance Festival – The Early Years

Three years later in 1995, Sir Leslie jumped off the cliff’s edge with nothing more than a vision and left her full-time position to pursue her desire of nurturing D’Vyne Wrytes into a full time business and found herself at the AZ Renaissance Festival. In 1996 she picked up King Richards Faire in MA. And in 1998 a website was built by a friend to showcase her fine art and the world took notice. Sir Lesie was fairly ignorant about the internet and didn’t even have an email address! Not one to be cowed by a challenge back to the books she went to educate herself on this new digital industry. Custom orders started flowing in from all over the world for her one-of-a-kind creations. The feedback was immensely positive and her inventory of custom made products grew.

-hand laced refillable books
-custom book covers
-custom leather three ring binders
-notepad portfolios
-ereader and tablet covers
and other sundry smaller specialty products.

By 2008 seeing and feeling the downturn in sales due to the effects of the recession, the influx of similar imported items and copycat artists (some who even bragged about “reverse engineering” her simple handlaced bindings to make their own!) Leslie began a process of scaling back on her product stock to concentrate and invest more of her time, effort and capital on the items which not only produced the most income but were the most popular in their uniqueness.

In 2000 the King Richards Faire had already been dropped from her list of shows mostly due to the length of travel and the amount of time she was spending yearly on the road. In 2009, she made the decision for economic and personal reasons to also drop her home show in CO.

Struggling with what direction to take DW next she serendipitously found herself at the 2012 Phoenix Comic Convention and discovered a whole new subset of ravenous fans for her creative work. The best part of this discovery was the ability to stretch the boundaries of her imagination and not be locked in to a certain style or look as she was at Renaissance Festivals. And the “Mad Creative” was born!


Phoenix Comicon 2012 – D’Vyne Wrytes Set up


phxcc2012_02Showcasing a few favorites – Firefly, River Song’s TARDIS Journal and the Neverending Story Book

And now we arrive at 2016 after 25 years of triumphs and struggles. She does not regret a second. for every experience, positive or negative, up to this point has been part of her growth and learning and improved greatly on what she will soon unveil pushing her onto new avenues and into unkown adventures. NOW she moves forward confidently, after objectively accessing the situation, taking stock of her assests and drawing on old “backburner” ideas from her cornucopia of creative notes to move DW forward in a brand new direction.
“So here we are at…. D’Vyne Wrytes Redux! Time to breathe new life into my artistic endeavors. A redo, a reimaging, a reinvention… onward to a new vision for the future. It still will be all about books (mostly) but it is time to throw my mad creative self and ideas into a new arena!

I now give you “Leslie’s Post – The Imaginium of a Mad Creative” to update and inform you of all my soon to be born lil beasites!!!

Come with me on my adventures… if you dare!!!”

Pvt Vasques Cosplay Leslie Post Phoenix Comicon 2014

My First Cosplay as Pvt Vasquez of Aliens at Phoenix Comicon 2014







~Sir Leslie S. Post aka The Mad Creative

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